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Artist: Movie Star Kiss
Project Name: Starting Over
Artist Site: Movie Star Kiss

First off, cool band name. That’s worth at least a point or two. (Not that I have a point-based system or anything….) It’s refreshing to see a name that doesn’t have a number or a misspelled word in it…but I digress, GDawg8.

Second- about four seconds into the disc I realized I was bobbing my head and doing “the pout”. Just in case you’re wondering -“the pout” is a good thing, a real good thing. This my subliminal indicator that a deep groove has formed, and it’s only gonna get deeper. I dug songs such as “Getaway”, “Big Shot”, and “Weekend Friend”. I dig the band, I dig the songs, and I like the way they were presented. What else matters?

So- if you’re looking for a “strut around the house and feel a little pissed off at some random chick” record, or if you’re looking for just the right “dangling your arm out the rolled down window of your beat up truck while cruising the subdivision” record- look no further. What? You want me to hold your hand and draw some comparisons? Maybe abuse the suffix “-esque”? Not gonna happen. Buy it yourself and “esque” your little asses off.

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