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Artist: The Alternate Routes
Project Name: “Good and Reckless and True””
Artist Site: The Alternate Routes

I feel like a kid in the candy store! There’s so much to listen to- great lyrical content, melodies, guitar work, kick ass drum parts, man- it’s hard to choose what to sink my teeth into first.

I could sit here and throw out a bunch of the new “hip” hyphenated genre titles to try to explain the sound of ‘The Alternate Routes’ ; but I’m gonna just file it under “good music” and let those snappy genre titles take the back seat on this one.

The first cut ‘Ordinary’ starts out very unassuming and open; but before you know it the hook is set and you’re being reeled in. Then ‘Who Cares’ recklessly pulls you out of the water and slams you into the live well and leaves you thinking “hmm…I might be here for a while.” (ok, ok- so I was on a fishing trip all last week, evidentially it’s still on my mind….there goes the Pulitzer Prize for the best analogy.)

This album is evidence that Jay Joyce and The Alternate Routes must fit like a glove. Songs first; and cool production close behind. I loved it. I feel sorry for the artist that I review next….the bar has been set pretty high.

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