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Artist:Eileen Carey
CD Name: Movin On
Artist Site: Eileen Carey
Myspace:Eileen Carey Myspace

Movin On is the Los Angeles Music Awards winner for 2009’s Americana Album of the Year. Being the second time I’ve reviewed one of their Americana winners I’m not understanding the definition of said award groups process for reviewing Americana! This album is definitely not Americana. Musically I would categorize this as country rock, but not country pop.

The album features the great energy of guitarists John Mc Duffie and cowriter Kathryn Grimm who is a phenomenal singer/songwriter in her own right. As a whole this album, like the title track, Faith, and Newsflash, is about the strong independent woman in the prime of her life, not fearing the courage to face the next phase. Grabbing on to your dreams is encouraged on songs like Do I Dare Dare with lyrics like, “Do I dare to dream with my eyes wide open/just wishing and hoping won’t get me there/I’m gonna dare to reach beyond my fingers/I know its out there…”

The album begins with the unusual choice of a cover tune, a rendition of Keith Urban’s hit That Was Her This Is Now. The track has a lot of fun energy. I have seen Eileen perform as a duo in Los Angeles and Nashville with her terrific guitarist John Mc Duffie and I can certify that Carey’s live act is an engaging one.

What Goes Around has a great pay-it-forward message. This original by Eileen Carey and John Mc Duffie voices cynicism: “Until we face a big disaster/then everybody pitches in/but why does something have to go so wrong/before we find out how to land.” This contrasts with a message of hope: “I’m a true believer that what goes around comes around/smile and a handshake goes a long long way/Remember you can make a difference just by reaching out/What goes around it’ll come back to you.”

Out With The Girls is the more commercial tune of the album; a country style Girls Just Want To Have Fun. Stand was my favorite track with a beautiful chorus, melody and harmonies: “First you’re young/And before you know you’re old/Life’s when seasons change from Winter, Spring and Fall/Cuz love will push you and then will pull you/You’ll finally learn and then your moments gone… I will reach for the stars/You wont fall/They will guide you hold on/Go and take your dream and carry it through the night.”

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this cd is being donated to children’s charities.

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