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Artist: The Gaslight Anthem
CD Name: Sink or Swim
Artist Site: The Gaslight Anthem

Not only is The Gaslight Anthem tight musically, their lyrics are true punk. The drum breaks are fantastic and the intros and closes have real power.

The Gaslight Anthem veers between a traditional pub style punk sound and acoustic rock that more than once reminded me of Bruce Springsteen. Not only does the lead singer sound a bit like The Boss, the songwriting is also moderately comparable. The Navesink Banks is acoustic rock storytelling similar to Springsteen’s Atlantic City, with lyrics that capture that authentic punk power: “And I spent time ‘neath the trestles/with the punks and the dimestore saints/I kept faith and a switchblade beneath my coat/And I ran with dirty angels/slept out in the rain/We were scared and tired and barely seventeen/My first sin was the fear that made me old".” Red At Night uses harmonica and acoustic guitar for a bit of an Irish ode…Remember Springsteen’s The River? Boomboxes and Dictionaries also felt like a cover of Born To Run twisted into a new wave anthem.

They sound like The Clash too! Wooderson uses some Police On My Back style elements in the mix. Angry Johnny And The Radio has military drumming with breaks to up the tempo and a shouting chorus that gives a live feel. The song ends on a dissonant note with a radio buzz, appropro for the radio inspired lyrics. Radio Clash anyone?

If Bruce Springsteen fronted The Clash you might get a band that sounds like The Gaslight Anthem! And for a fan of both I must say I really dig this band!

Bitchin' Entertainment - 1989