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Artist: John Enghauser
CD Name: Lost in the Pages
Artist Site: John Enghauser

John Enghauser is both a great lyricist and vocalist. His latest release Lost in the Pages is a fun synthesis of super sexy genres from the dynamic dissonant jazz rock of Distant World to the funky blues steaming on Kitchen. Enghauser pulls it off with groovy pop rock vocals reminiscent of Lenny Kravitz at his most delicate on songs like Let it Flow, Still Waters and the title track.

The mix on this album is more in tune to the individual songs than the album entire; it is an eclectic set. Blame and the title track shift between acoustic and rock production styles. The choruses are distinguished by the dissonant keys of their melody. Tower is probably the more commercial of the album with a Nickelback spoken work send up and a very symphonic refrain. Those staccato guitar instrumentals are better utilized as an underlay in Time, Pride and Love and Breathe Again, which has an excellent mix countered by strings. The mix is also fantastic and not over done on tracks like Still Waves.

Congnition, Inc. was my favorite track with its very sexy Jamiroquai groovy sensual jam and funky guitar riffs. Rather ironic is that this is also John’s favorite track and as he tells it, “This is a funky retooling of a tune I wrote with my former band Jamawokee.”! The lyrics are fantastic and Enghauser continues, “It’s a satire which pokes fun of the American media and how much they shape our lives in the way we think and do things without us even knowing it. Think about how often you do, say, wear and buy things based on what you’ve seen, heard or read in the media. Cognition, Inc. is this big mind-controlling machine that we all submit to which claims to fulfill all of our wildest dreams. We all buy into it, but at what cost?” Lyrics continue to be a highlight on Time, Pride and Love and Burning Ladder with a prodigal son story reminiscent of Cat’s In The Cradle. Official Website
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