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Artist: Ready in Ten
CD Name: Face the World
Artist Site: Ready in Ten

I was ready in less than ten to turn this album off. I try to find at least one redeeming thing about an album. I really do try so hard to be an objective music journalist. But let’s face it. One’s taste in music is never objective.

I can tell you though, objectively, why I didn’t like this album. I thought the drum mix was off. It is so cymbal pronounced it sounds like you are wading through a sea of sonic slush. For me, Face The World was like a bad kiss. I kept hoping it would get better and it never did.

Really this band is a mix of Bon Jovi (What If They’re Wrong, Hard to Love) and Matchbox 20 (One Man Show.) You know, eclectic rock bands fronted by brooding balladeers? Remember all those Young Guns westerns from the late ‘80s with the Brat Pack? I couldn’t help but think of them when I was listening to “Burn,” with its battalion beat.

Continuing on with that southern rock feel is “Now I’ll Lay” which has an interesting Allman Brothers style slide guitar intro. This use of slide guitar is continued on “Shallow Water,” for what I felt was the best songwriting of the album. The guitar puts you in a Hawaiian state – perfect for the theme and lyrics: “Baby, don’t cry to me and try to pull me under/I don’t want to drown in your shallow water.”

As far as the live experience, Ready In Ten is getting great reviews. I could see this would be true for songs like, “Simple,” which starts with a great funk guitar riff that is joined by some fun syncopated vocals. “One More Chance,” is also nice with a hand drum set up.

I don’t begrudge the band, I’m just not fond of the mix on this album. Ready In Ten definitely has a very pop rock sound. But I venture to say if you consume this type of pop rock with cola you will most definitely get an upset stomach. I sure did.

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