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 Theresa Yarbrough: Profile

About Bitchin'

The name Bitchin' Entertainment has served as an umbrella for musicians requiring professional guidance in matters of consultation, booking, management, artist development, recording and in general creating and building upon a valuable network of like-minded individuals.

Stewart - The Boss

For the past twenty years, Theresa Yarbrough, owner of Bitchin' Entertainment, has traveled the U.S. attending various conferences and seminars absorbing the required information necessary for a successful career within the music business. Because of her attention to detail, Theresa has spent innumerable hours researching the different aspects of the music business. To her credit, she is well versed in areas of Publishing, Recording, Music Business Contracts, PR, Management, Booking and much more. A musician with a keen ear for commercial talent, Theresa scouts for talent wherever an opportunity exists for the many labels and agencies she is associated with.

Theresa developed a special interest in Concert Production when in 1992 she co-organized and promoted a hugely successful concert featuring The Black Crowes. This event has earned her accolades within the industry and led to numerous job offers at Indie and Major Recording Labels. Unwilling to sign a long term contract, Theresa instead chose to hone her skills by volunteering her time and talent to organizing and promoting Industry Roundtables, Music Showcases, managing local acts and organizing benefit concerts.

Today Theresa Yarbrough continues to expand upon the opportunities she has created for herself and Bitchin' Entertainment by making her services available to a much broader audience with the development the Bitchin' Entertainment website.

A&R - Lynne Martin

Lynne Martin is our Americana/Country/Bluegrass/Folk guru. Raised in Austin, Texas, she has since lived and worked in cities like San Francisco, Atlanta and Nashville, where she managed artists in the rock and country genres via her own company and a St. Louis-based artist management firm that she co-founded.

Lynne Martin

Currently residing in Boston, Lynne has her finger on the pulse of the region's incredible folk music scene. With a background in radio broadcasting and a love for exploring everything from music venues to hole-in-the-wall bars, she is as equally at ease with the 'commercial' sound as she is with category-defying indie music. Her unique experiences over the past 12 years, and exposure to such musical diversity throughout her travels, has made her an asset to Bitchin' Entertainment's A&R department.

You can email Lynne at: LLMBE@aol.com

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