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  • State of Man
  • Niki Barr
  • Blasternaut
  • Baby Strange

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  • Jon Robert
  • Lost Tricks

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  • Matt O'Ree

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  • One Day Left

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  • Josh Roy Brown
  • Donal Hinely





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  • The Label Ready Program

    The Program:

    Bitchin' Entertainment is pleased to present our exclusive "Label Ready Artist Program."

  • Are you unsigned and looking for a label?
  • Can you compete with thousands of others doing the same thing you are and come out the winner?
  • Think you got image? When you walk into a bar, does everyone know that you're 'with the band'?
  • Do you think you have the it factor?
  • Have you established a live fanbase?
  • Do you have a well produced CD complete with artwork and UPC Barcode?
  • Are your sales registering?
  • Have you been touring regularly and created a "buzz" about yourself or band?
  • Do you consider your music to be commercially marketable?
  • Are you ready to join the Music Industry and become a household name?
  • Can you prove it?
  • If you answered YES to all those questions then I would be interested in promoting you at the Bitchin' Entertainment website as a "Label Ready Artist"... FREE!

    The primary purpose of this collaboration is to enable Bitchin 'Entertainment to promote your recorded material to potential music fans and entertainment professionals, to showcase you on our website, and to promote your Official Website on the World Wide Web to create further opportunities in the music business for you.

    If you meet the above Industry Standards and would like to send us your material for consideration please continue to the Submit Material page.

    To read the "Label Ready Artist Contract" go HERE

    Before you email us with questions, please take a look at our FAQ page.

    Bitchin' Features

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