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Record Number of False Endings on 'Squealorama' Song

By The G-Man
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Unique structure of the track from The G-Man's new SONIC TONIC album allows dancers to freeze in position or launch into free-form expression each time the song pauses.

Fifteen times, the song called "Squealorama WMFE" seems to come to a conclusion, "each time with a slightly longer pause before the next fake-out ending," states Brian Forest, spokesperson for G-Man Music & Radical Radio, the production company owned by Scott G (The G-Man).

"That's why the name of the song ends with the letters WMFE, which means With Multiple False Endings," Forest said.

"Squealorama WMFE" is one of 6 trance songs aimed at rave culture on The G-Man's new album, SONIC TONIC. Delvian Records released SONIC TONIC April 19, with distribution via chain stores and iTunes. The Gate Media Group handles promotion.

"The pauses on 'Squealorama' allow dancers in clubs to stop in position, which they do while pressing their bodies close to their partners, or they go into a free-form dance break," Forest pointed out.

SONIC TONIC is the fourth album from The G-Man. In addition to the 6 trance tracks, the album includes 8 quirky but accessible electronic-pop tunes. "Think Massive Attack meets OMD by way of David Holmes," says Forest.

About Delvian Records Delvian Records distributes the music of independent artists who embrace the crossover market that is emerging in the new media age. Through musical diversification, Delvian offers music in a wide range of genres, including electronic/dance, rock, lifestyle, rap/R&B, comedy, and inspirational.

About Gate Media The Gate Media Group provides manufacturing, marketing and promotional services for artists, recording firms and corporations. In addition to music customers, Gate clients include the US Army, Whirlpool, Century 21, HBO, Novartis, and The New York Times.

About Scott G (The G-Man) Scott G is a creative director for NARIP, a member of NARAS, and a journalist for the Immedia Wire Service and MusicDish. His primary business is G-Man Music & Radical Radio, where most recently he is the voiceover talent and music composer on commercials for Verizon Wireless, Goodrich, Micron, NASSCO, and The Auto Club.

Brian Forest, Immedia Wire Service and G-Man Music; 818-223-8486 and 213-369-7619
*Benjamin van der Wel, Delvian Records, 925-256-1770;;
*Frederick Wilson, Gate Media Group, 800-655-1625;;

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