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 Stephen Kellogg - Self Titled

by: Scott Kurt

Stephen Kellogg is a 28 year old singer/songwriter who is ready to steal the hearts of thousands of teenage girls and if there is any justice in the music world, he will. He writes honest songs that come from his heart and is backed by a great band (The Sixers). On his major label debut (he already has several independent releases) Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers deliver 11 well written songs with no tricks or fancy production. They let the lyrics and music make their statement and believe me IT WORKS.

The CD starts off with “Flower in Rain”, a dreamy acoustic ballad with nice textured guitar and a sing along chorus. From there Kellogg takes you on a ride with some rockers (Maria, Vegas, and Anthem of Our Discovery), mid-tempo gems (You’ve Changed, See You Later, See You Soon) and closes with the acoustic ballad “Keep Me In Your Thoughts”. The highlight of the disc for me is “Such a Way”. On this track Kellogg gives us his most evocative and descriptive lyrics. If the producers of the “O.C.” ever hear this song, I can see Seth and Summer slow dancing in his room with Captain Oats looking on! Do yourself a favor and buy this CD today.

For fans of: Counting Crows, Tom Petty, The Clarks, Ryan Adams