Mark Blair Glunt

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Revelation Project - Revelation Project
Independent © 2005
Single Disc/No Extras

rating:4.5/5 stars

Track Listing
1. Revelation
2. Decay
3. Children
4. Falling
5. Liars
6. Marked
7. Martyrs
8. Judgement
9. Promise
10. Millennium
11. Eternity
12. Glory
13. Delivered
14. Doxology

Here is another recording I had in my CD payer for months after I received it. This is a genuinely sweet recording with quality talented musicians. The band comes from near Buffalo, NY, USA.

Prog metal/hard rock in the vein of Dream Theater is how I will classify this. Yet there is much more keyboard here and a few mellower tunes than a typical DT album would have. These guys are defiantly not a cheap imitation band. There is no way to pull this off without talent.

It’s a conceptual recording dealing with their understanding of the end times. The CD starts off with a narrator reading a few verses of the first chapter of the book of Revelation. Then breaks into a mellow surreal song dealing with martyrdom. Next is a heavy prog instrumental called “Decay”. The double bass drumming is simply amazing here. The following 2 songs are highlights for me- “Children” and “Falling”. They possess musical changes, breakdowns, musical and lyrical hooks that will leave the listener asking for more. Overall the songs deal with the rapture and the falling of the human race. These are very intense and emotional tunes.

The story progresses from the evil outpouring through to the coming of the Son of Man. The music progresses through heavy dark cuts as we sense evil reigning until God appears. Then the music gets brighter. The song “Glory” will amaze you. The keyboards/guitar playoffs are fast and tight. The CD ends with great rendition of the “Doxology” that works well with the continuity of the recording.

With Revelation Project you get some amazing songwriting and playing with a lot of very memorable moments. This being their first recording as a group, it will be hard to top, yet I sense that they are still trying to find their voice. I can’t wait to hear the next recording.