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 Raymond "01"
by:Bryan Slough

While possessing an odd band name and an even odder sound, this four piece outta Boston impressed even me, a true metalhead by heart, with its impressive drumming and catchy songs. The songs, at heart, are rock songs but with keyboards (although on a few songs it is hardly noticeable). But the keyboards and odd guitarwork and vocals make this CD entertaining.

My Favorite track on '01' is "Sunshine" but I must hit on the long song of this album, "Trust Me". While the first track "Nonsense" is more of a pop song at heart, "Trust Me" is straight rock. It starts off with a rather chunky riff and you can start to hear the problems with production on the album. While the roughness certainly adds something to it, the bass is entirely too much in the mix. The drumming on this song is very precise and very good although one part is sorely missed, and that's the keyboards which I love in "Sunshine". "Sunshine" starts off with a rather odd....... I cant really describe it other than weird, but the bassline in it is rather awesome. This song is where the drummer also "shines" the most.

"Soft Touch" is another good song with its catchy riff and Screamed vocals that I like in my metal songs. Also the keyboards are noticeable and very good. They mesh with the song very well. During this screaming you have a transylvania-esque keyboard doing its thing. After a long pause you get some Depech mode like..... thing that is funny as hell.

Now with the bad. This is not normally the music I listen too. It has your typical rock subject matter with its lyrics. Mostly about breaking up with ladies. Also the production is rather rough with the bass way too much in the mix but other than those problems (which are afterall fixable) this album is solid and entertaining to even the biggest metal head and it sure impressed my Rock loving neighbors. From my 4 plays of this album they have gained quite a fanbase here in Obetz, Ohio.

I have had quite a fun time with this album. At first I thought it wasn't gonna be my thing after the pop driven track "Nonsense" but it turned out to be an interesting album.

Final Thought~ Weird, keyboard driven rock with some great basslines and hooks.
Rating: \m/\m/\m/\m/ out of 5