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Iommi - Fused
Sanctuary Records © 2005
Single Disc/No Extras CD

rating:4.5/5 stars

Track Listing
1. Dopamine
2. Wasted Again
3. Saviour Of The Real
4. Resolution Song
5. Grace
6. Deep Inside A Shell
7. What You're Living For
8. Face Your Fear
9. The Spell
10. I Go Insane

This recording I can’t keep out of my CD player. The latest solo release for Black Sabbath’s legendary guitar player, Tony Iommi, meets partnership with the legendary Deep Purple guitar and vocalist- Glenn Hughes. The two haven’t played together since the 1996 DEP Sessions.

This recording is just what one would think musically speaking. The style is a classic power metal. Iommi presents thick and memorable guitar riffs with quality guitar soloing. Hughes’ voice is perfect, powerfully melodic with a touch of brash. The two together create a sum greater than the two players. There is real magic here. These guys have been in it for a long time and it shows.

What I was most surprised about is the lyrics. I have always associated Black Sabbath with a dark evil persona and at their very best song writing, they spoke messages of social justice, “Fused” is an amazing collection of introspective songs. Some of the songs seem to take on an anti drug theme while others talk about finding that place where you can find strength to face the difficulties life throws at you. This recording has been a real inspiration both musically and lyrically during a trying and difficult part of my life.