Matt Walker Interview

By: Krystal Cahoon for Bitchin' Entertainment
Nov.17, 2005

Matt Walker is an acoustic singer/songwriter from Chesapeake Va.. He is currently playing approximately one local show a week. You can find more about Matt Walker and hear his wonderful music at Myspace and Dream Out Loud

Q: Do you think there is an advantage to being a singer/songwriter instead of being in a band?
A: I think there are a couple advantages. 1, you only have to worry about learning your part, rather than getting 4 other people to learn something, 2, I donít have to worry about having a problem with anyone in the group, since itís just me.

Q: What initially got you interested in music?
A: I have always been interested in music. Always singing, learning piano, then I picked up the guitar when I was 11 and then I just started playing all the time. I am all about music, thatís just what I do.

Q: How do you come up with the ideas for your songs?
A: I just sit and play with my guitar for little while, and these ideas just pop in my head. When I wrote the song "Fear Your Words", I literally was at the computer, and played 2 notes, and I had it, and had it finished in about 5 minutes. Itís crazy

Q: What's your favorite thing about playing live shows?
A: I really like getting exposed to new crowds. I like to have people looking back at me and the whole time I'm just wondering what they are thinking. Itís a lot of fun.

Q: Speaking of live shows, how have your shows been going?
A: They have been going really. I have been getting at least one a week, so itís really exciting to be playing a lot of shows.

Q: What motivates you to make music?
A: My motivation is all the music I listen to. If Iím sitting there listening to a Copeland CD, I want to get my guitar out and play along. Also my dream motivates me, because all I want to do is music, if I did that for the rest of my life, I would die a happy man.

Q: What goals have you set for your musical career?
A: Iím not going to be that jerk that says, 'all I want to do is get signed and make money'. Really what I want to happen is play some shows around here and get myself out there a little bit more, and go on tour. That would be so much fun, thatís where I want this to go.

Q: What genre of music do you consider yourself- or do you like to think of music in terms of genres?
A:Well, if you had to put me in a category, I would say emo, but it isnít as sad and sappy as emo. I really donít like genres because I never know what to say to someone who asks me what kind of music the band on my shirt is. Itís always difficult.

Q: Who do you think has influenced you the most and why?
A: Mainly all of my favorite bands, when I listen to their music, it just makes me want to do what they are doing. And really, the biggest influence was my dad. I remember when we were in North Carolina for Labor Day weekend back when I was 11, and he showed me a song on guitar, and I really wanted to learn it, so I learned it pretty quickly, and then I taught myself from there. Without him I might not be doing this interview right now.

Q: What can you tell me about your song "Fear Your Words"?
A: "Fear Your Words" is one of those usual emo songs, but different. It is a song I wrote very quickly, and then as I played it over and over and over, the lyrics fit right in. I really like it, and its one of the best songs I think I've ever written.

Q: Do you think that lyrics or the actual music are more important in your songs?
A: I think that people can have really good music, but really clichť lyrics, or really good lyrics, but clichť music, or both. I donít think it really matters, as long as they sound good together.
Q:What do you think is more important in a live song- the energy or how well you play?
A: I think how well I play is the factor in how much energy Iím going to get. If Iím not into it at all, and the crowd isnít either, then Iím not going to play well but if Iím really into it and the crowd is loving it, that energy gives me a push to get the song perfect. I mean, either way Iím trying my best at the song, but if there is a lot of energy, itís going to sound better

Q: What advice can you give to other musicians?
A: If it is your dream to play music, do it. Donít think itís impossible. Bands arenít everything, if you can go solo, go solo. Just get your music heard. If thatís what you want to do, things will come through.

Q: Do you believe it is more important for bands to know more about the music business now that most record labels are closing?
A: Itís important, but not at the same time. There are still people out there who can be managers and what not, that know what they are doing. but also at the same time, an artist needs to know whets going on to make sure they donít get taken advantage of on something, or ripped off on a deal.

Q: What's your favorite song that you've written so far?
A: My favorite song is 'Blue Eyes'. It is about my girlfriend and our time together. We have been through a lot, so I wanted to write a song basically saying, which cares what happened, I love you, and I want to spend my life with you. And it all came together really well and she loved it and itís a good song to play at shows.

Q: Is there anything else you want to add?
A: No, you did a good job in covering a lot of stuff!

Q: What is something that I can quote you on?
A: Dream out loud, music is my dreams, and Iím putting them aloud by playing the music. So dream out loud