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    Interview with Jason Becker
    By Kevin McEvers exclusively for Bitchin' Entertainment,

    Kevin: Where did music begin for Jason Becker?

    Becker: I guess hearing my father play classical guitar, probably before I was born.

    Kevin: In 1990, you were Guitar Magazines "best new guitarist" and replaced Steve Vai as David Lee Roth's guitarist on tour support for ' A Little Ain't Enough'. How did you deal with the sudden fame and notoriety?

    Becker: I just kept practicing, but with a little more confidence. Oh, and by the way, I didn't tour with Dave.

    Kevin: What was it like making an album with the infamous David Lee Roth? Do you guys keep in touch?

    Becker: It was fun and also frustrating. I couldn't really play as well as I could before, plus I would have preferred to rip way more than Dave wanted me to. We don't keep in touch at all.

    Kevin: How do you feel that your style and tone are different from other players?

    Becker: I guess I really think my aggressiveness and emotions as well as gentleness and different types of note choices. That is a tough question. Better to ask fans of mine..

    Kevin: 3.) Do you feel that music has evolved much since you first hit the scene?

    Becker: From what little I have heard, not really. There is some neat stuff, but nothing really new.

    Kevin: Are there any new artists who impress you?

    Becker: There are a few on Favored Nations and Liquid Note Records, but I can't recall their names.

    Kevin: I read that Jackson isn't going through with the Becker signature series guitar. What's the reason for that?

    Becker: I guess because no one really thought it would sell.

    Kevin: How about the Wah Wah pedal to be released from Morely Pedals? Is that still happening?

    Becker: It was only a test, and I guess they have other more important products.

    Kevin: What was your reaction to being told you had ALS?

    Becker: At that time I didn't really care. I was sure I could fix it.

    Kevin: How did the procedures performed on you in 1997 affect your everyday life?

    Becker: It rendered me completely dependent and helpless. I am way more comfortable but I can't do anything without someone there to do it for me.

    Kevin: Is it true you had a "near death experience"? Would you like to elaborate on that event?

    Becker Yes it is true. The whole experience is written on my website: Jason Becker

    Kevin: What would you say to other musicians when discovering they suffer from similar medical conditions?

    Becker: I guess I would say try chelation therapy, Lyme treatment and other alternative stuff.

    Kevin: Filesharing has placed a wedge between the consumer and the music industry. What's your thought on illegal downloading?

    Becker Since selling CDs is my only way of making income, it is very uncool. I can't tour, so basically I am getting robbed of my work. No one would accept someone coming to their job and taking their paycheck. I don't understand how robbery is ok, but I know it is a different world, with the internet. There must be some sort of compromise.

    Kevin Could you elaborate more on the "unreleased" recordings of Jason Becker?

    Becker: Well, I put out the Raspberry and Blackberry Jams, but I think I am going to use the rest for pieces of new songs I am hoping to write. There is also a bunch of never heard stuff on my website.

    Kevin: Van Halen on the road again! Any thoughts on Hagar filling the front as opposed to Roth?

    Becker: I haven't heard about it. I just don't care anymore. But I do think Van Halen is the most underrated guitarist and band from the old days at this time.

    Kevin: Of all your recordings, what's your favorite and why?

    Becker: I guess "Perspective" because it is extra unique and diverse.

    Kevin: There's a public chatroom on AOL called Guitar Players. It's mostly guys who talk about guitars and the people who play them. Your name comes up a lot. How does it feel to have that kind of inspiration and influence on aspiring young players today?

    Becker: It is very sweet. I just wish it translated into record sales. I have been advised not to say this, but my records don't sell shit.

    Kevin: Is there a Jason Becker movie in the works?

    Becker: Well, yes but it is just at the script stage.

    Kevin: What are you working on currently?

    Becker: I am hoping to write new music with lyrics. That will be a big challenge. I would also like to put out a "Best of" CD, but I can't see the point if it won't sell.

    I asked Theresa to contact Steve Vai for a quote on Jason Becker to add to this interview. This is what Steve had to say:

    "Jason is an example to all of us. His struggles are unmatched as is the product he has produced under such a handicap. It leads me to believe that given certain restrictions of the physical the mind goes within and uses the heavily amplified voice of intuition as a substitute for the physical expressions. He is a true soldier of the soul, in the highest order." ~Steve Vai

    Kevin McEvers is an intern for Bitchin' Entertainment

    Please visit the website of Steve Vai's Record Label: Favored Nations

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