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Guitarist, George Lynch is one of a long line of guitarists to come from the California hard rock world. But one distinction that separates him from the rest of the pack, is that he remains to be musically relevant in 2001 than the others. For some, success was fleeting but none have left their indelible mark like Lynch has. He has persevered the shortcomings of the tangled music business. Lynch continues his legacy with a newly reformed Lynch Mob with an upcoming release slated for later this year.

and now...the Fanterview
by Dave Morris

Dave: Was there a turning point for you on guitar when you realized you had a unique voice? If so, what was that turning point, and what do you think makes your playing so immediately recognizable?

George: I think you have to concisely target a unique voice by setting players that you admire up as examples and then shooting for that example but not directly. You need to aim a little to the left or right, don’t allow yourself to clone.

Dave: Who was the last guitarist you heard that made you go "wow!" and what was it about them that made you react that way? Conversely, what element do you find most overlooked by players in general?

George: Hendrix…unrestrained, unbridled freedom of expression and animalistic tone. One generation of players will emphasise technique, one will lean on grooves or songs or image.

Dave: How close do you feel you have come to finding that Holy Grail of tone, or is it something that you find one day and then the next day it becomes a search for something new?

George: Never ending quest for tone. It’s very elusive but that’s part of the fun and challenge.

Dave: If you hadn't become a guitar player, you surely would have excelled at something else. What do you think it would have most likely been?

George: Ted Kazinsky with a little Erik Estrada and Ike Turner thrown in. Probably flipping burgers at Carls Jr. who knows, I’d probably be district manager by now.

Dave: I have noticed that the website now features some old video footage of The Boyz and Dokken. Are there any plans to feature other unreleased material, demos, live songs, acoustic versions, etc. on the website (audio or video)?

George: Next thing we plan on putting up is some Japanese clinic footage and some other old Dokken/Exciter/Boyz/Lynch Mob stuff. I try and post a short tab lesson around the 1st of every month on the site.

Dave: I have heard rumors of a project you have joined called "MICRODUST". Any truth to the rumor and if so, please elaborate on the project as far as what we can expect musically. Who else is taking part in the project.

George: Microdust was the "working" name for a song writing collaboration I was involved in last September with various songwriters. This project was prior to the reemergence of Lynch Mob. There has not since been any collaborating, and at present I am uncertain of this project's future.

Dave: Being a rocker that has seen his share of partying,and reached a fitness level of highly trained athletes,can you give us other partiers some insight on where to start and how to keep up the motivation in nutrition and excercise? Are you still actively lifting,mountain biking etc?

George: I believe in balance, so I would suggest you party while you’re in the gym.

Dave: With all the rave reviews of LP Wicked Underground, it seems that you and Jeff have a great chemistry and hit upon a group of songs that your fans are thrilled with. Are there plans to tour with that lineup,a second album maybe?

George: All things are possible. We are always looking for options and keeping our eye on the future.

Dave: I have heard that Lynch Mob will be touring with Yngwie Malmsteen later this summer/fall. After hearing your interview on Eddie Trunk, is this tour still going to happen after your comments on Yngwie possibly eating his bandmates,and if so,are you planning ahead in case you two find yourselves alone and Yngwie gets hungry? ;) (ok,had to throw #9 in George, I about fell out of my chair when i heard that interview. Jim Breuer was hilarious too with his Don imitations and the guitar buddy).

George: The Yngwie tour went south. Also, Robert Mason, singer for Lynch Mob just suffered a serious motocycle accident so we are having to rethink a lot of our summer plans.

Dave: Solo album, chock full of evil groove instrumentals...any plans?

George: I have 3 recording projects lined up. The solo cd would be #2.

Dave: Thanks for your time George and most of all, thanks for the inspiration!