Q&A For Motherís Day!
-An Interview with Tiffany Petrossi, Founder of RockiníMoms.com
by Brooke Mason

Tiffany was inspired to create a foundation and web site devoted to both mothers and musicians when confronted with the question, ďWhy canít rock stars have kids?Ē Given the recent popularity of such reality shows as The Osbournes, Gene Simmons Family Jewels, and Breaking Bonaduce Ė it is apparent that parents can balance the music business with the family life. But it has been an uphill battle to subvert the stereotypes of celebrity and Tiffany has been on the cutting edge of this movement.

RockiníMoms is a secure web site. The group is similar to online singer/songwriter promotion sites like Songsalive.Org where you can get an online profile constructed for you to promote your music. Rockiní Moms offers the choice of a Paypal buy-in so you can sell your merch online without having to pay the full price of registering as your own business. There is also potential to appear on the Rockin Momís monthly podcast and biannual CD compilation. Registered Rockiní Momís can submit their MP3s for review and if approved for inclusion on the compilation their works will be professionally mastered, duplicated and then promoted at Rockiní Mom events like the recent South by Southwest.

The nonprofit aspect of Tiffanyís project is Rockiní Momís Foundation. Tiffany is proudly sponsored by Daisy Rock guitars who have continually donated products for fundraisers and contests. Rockin Momís has also given grants to artists who might not otherwise have been able to record their own albums.

Tiffany was inspired to create Rockiní Moms after an awkward reception when she brought her children with her to an open mic. She realized there were a lot of preconceived restrictions regarding the musicianís life; that being young and single are requisites. Despite this Tiffany realized that her children were a large inspiration for her music as well as a source of courage to not only pursue her passion as a career but also to perform live: ďIt's like the pressure of performing is no longer there. If someone doesnít like my music I still have my family to cheer me on. When you have a band you have to get out their and promote and I was getting really frustrated because itís hard to balance the family life and the music. I felt like I couldnít afford to pay baby sitters and promote shows too. So if I were to create events where I could bring my kids it would be the best way to balance the two.Ē

Q.) Who do you have on the line up for your upcoming Motherís Day Showcase?
A.) My band Ė The Tiffany Petrossi Band, Fontainís Muse Ė who integrate belly dancers into their show, Patty & Abigail Ė an acoustic rock duo, and a youth band - Jackie Rockís Band. These showcases are cool for parent bonding and as a way to get children involved in the musical arts. You can buy tickets at: www.artsopolis.com/event/detail/48491

Q.) When is the deadline for your upcoming songwriting contest and is there a theme?
A.) The deadline is May 15th and the theme is motherhood. Some of the contest prizes include$1,000 cash and a Daisy Rock guitar. Men can submit too.

Q.) Tell me more about your night at The Talking Stick in Santa Monica?
A.) Every second Friday of the month we do a cosponsored showcase with Nette Radio, an all-women songwriter podcast. We feature four to five rockin moms member acts. Visit The Talking Stick

Q.) When is your next major showcase event?
A.)Weíll have a booth at the The Indie Grrl Conference in Nashville in August . If you are a member of Rockin Moms you can download the submission form to apply for consideration to perform at: https://www.rockinmoms.com/rmreleasepromoformindiegrrl.pdf

Q.) What has been one of your most rewarding experiences as a result of founding Rockiní Moms?
A.) The mayor of San Francisco invited me to play on the steps of the city hall and dedicated a day to me for my work with Rockin Moms and the time Iíve donated to the city as a volunteer in promoting the arts. As a result of Rockiní Moms Iíve gotten a lot of opportunities to reach out to a lot of people. Iíve enjoyed the emails Iíve received from moms thanking me for giving them a voice. Katrina Carlson from Los Angeles wrote me that this was the first media forum where she felt she could ever talk freely about being a mother. I also really enjoyed getting the opportunity to interview Roseanne Cash regarding her experience as a mother and an artist: Read the Roseanne Cash Interview

Q.) What is one of your favorite success stories of a Rockin Mom?
A.) One of my members Tish Meeks of the band Three Kisses made it to the show Wife Swap on ABC. Sheís really growing. She was on our first compilation and also played South by Southwest.

Q.) Where would you like to see Rockin Momís in the future?
A.) Ultimately I would like to see the group expand into different chapters across the country. Right now weíve done showcases in Nashville, San Jose, Colorado, Venice and Austin. I would like to continue to grow the networking bond between mothers and offer more opportunities to women and their families. I want to empower moms to keep following their passion and acknowledge their hard work as mothers who donít stay at home.

If youíre a mom-on-the-go you donít necessarily have the time to take a class on web design, or even have the resources to fund a full web site which can be nearly twice the cost of an annual membership to Rockiní Moms. Tiffany is offering a invaluable value to her members. There are several levels of membership on Rockiní Moms, including a standard free registration. If you are interested in becoming a member you can sign up at: Rockin' Moms

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