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Last updated:    3/14/06

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Goliath - Pet of the Week

Meet Goliath, a 9 pound six year old Yorkshire. My husband said if we're getting a small dog he had to have a big name. If you were to meet Goliath you would fall in love. So many people when first meeting Goliath want to take him home. We never have a problem getting someone to watch him when we go on vacation. He is so friendly and everyone just loves him.

He loves kids, loves to play tug of war and loves to scratch at his blanket to get it ready for bed and afterward sneaks under the covers with me. He has a toy box filled with tons of toys and he can even get you the toy that you ask for (hard to believe but it's true). He is the sweetest little guy you could meet. He has a sister and a brother, and he still sees his mother. We got pretty friendly with the woman we got him from, and she still has his mother and uncle and Goliath gets to visit them frequently.

One of the pictures is of him with his Christmas present, it's a little lunchbox with dogs all over it that had heart shaped treats in it. The is a really funny one of him "licking his chops" after enjoying the treats inside.

We almost lost Goliath a couple of years ago. We used to live in a house with two floors, the main floor being the lower floor and the bedrooms all being upstairs. Goliath was never caged since we got him at 10 weeks old. So he had complete run of the house while we were at work. We came home one day to find him in lying on the living room rug next to a pile of feces. We knew that something was wrong because Goliath was fully trained when he was a puppy and never ever went to the bathroom in the house. He started crying and my husband went over to him and called out to him and he couldn't move.

We rushed him to the animal hospital. We were told that he was paralyzed, probably from a fall. So we assumed that he may have gone upstairs and fell down and hurt himself. We were also told that he may have to be put down because of his injuries, but I insisted that he would not be. Once they did an MRI, they found that he had damaged his spine and that his disks were damaged. It cost us several thousand dollars to keep him in the hospital, but we didn't care. He stayed a few days and then he was allowed to come home. My husband and I then took time off from work to stay with him. We nursed him back to health, spoon feeding him and helping him try to walk with a towel underneath his stomach. Once he started to move just a bit, we split our time taking him to work until he healed. A couple of months later, he was able to walk and run again.

He has almost recovered 100% with the exception of his left paw sliding off to the left when he is standing on a hardwood or tile floor. Needless to say, we moved from that house and bought a new house with all of the rooms on one main floor so he can still have the run of the house. My husband and daughter tell me that I love Goliath more than I love them. He's my little baby!I actually do have a poem about him - some may think that it's goofy like my daughter who says that I love him like a baby instead of a dog. Here it is:

From the day that we met
He was not just a pet
A small dog with a big name
Our family he became

He makes us so happy
With him we have fun
Whether playing at home
Or for a walk in the sun

He's smart and so friendly
And loves everybody
He'll kiss you all over
And become your best buddy

Goliath we named him
Even though he is small
Cause his heart is so big
With enough love for all

If you'd like to know more about Goliath please contact: Patty

please...spay or neuter your pet.

For local low cost spay neuter clinics in your area call: 1-800-SPAY USA

A Blessing from Saint Patrick

May the road rise to meet you,
May the wind be always at your back,
May the sun shine warm upon your face,
The rains fall soft upon your fields and,
Until we meet again,
May God hold you in the palm of His hand


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