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Gothic Knights
by:Bryan Slough

With a very traditional sound, wailing vocals, and numerous guitar solos, it's clear what this bands target demographic is. The older metalhead who can appreciate the artist's vocal ability rather then his grunting/screaming ability (not that I have anything against that). A listener who can also appreciate guitar solos and 5+ minute songs.

While its nothing overly new or innovative, it is very melodic and complete sounding. The one major problem, for my taste, is that the vocals are entirely too over-the-top but that will be subjective to the listener. The album starts off with the Wonderful track "Power and the Glory" with all its drum intro and then the bass comes in. "Power and the Glory" is very upbeat and a great album opener. Then we have another solid track in "Warrior of Faith" starting off with a pretty sweet solo. "Down in flames" starts off VERY strong but it suffers from the very ove-rthe-top lyrics and very odd chorus which it seems to switch from minor keyed to major keyed. "The Witching Hour" has some very awesome solos that should be enjoyed by all. "Dear Queen" has a very ballady feel to it so if thats your thing then your in luck.

My personal Favorite is "The Machine" a bonus track, that according to their site is only on the Limited Edition. It has a very catchy riff and its drumming is very good. Plus this song contains my favorite solo about a minute 30 into it. If by now their oldschoolness still hasn't hit you, there is a cover of Duran Duran's "Hungry like the Wolf." The original in my opinion was abysmal so im not a fan of the cover either.

Like I stated earlier, while not being groundbreaking in its sound, its still a very good listen and I enjoyed reviewing it. I just hope they let everyone listen to "The Machine"...

Final Thought~ Nothing Innovative here but solid.
Rating: \m/\m/\m/\m/ outta 5