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 Patience [IMPORT] ~ George Michael
George returns.... but is it worth it?
April 10, 2004

George Michael is a lot of things but prolific is not one of them. This is his first album of new material in 8 years and only his fourth album of original material since he disbanded Wham in 1986.

The 90's were not too kind to our 80's musical heroes-Michael Jackson's molestation charges, Whitney Houston and Prince's slow motion career derailments, Michael Hutchence's ignoble demise and of course gorgeous George's public (...) in front of an undercover cop. Blue eyed soul singers are a rare breed these days.

Where are Darryl Hall and Paul Young? All we've got now is Justin Timberlake doing his Michael Jackson impression, which is sadly, a better one than Jackson himself is doing these days. But I digress, back to this album. It is a decent combo of strong, soulful ballads and uptempo dance cuts lacking only one crucial thing - melody. There isn't one song you'll be singing in the shower or anywhere else for that matter. Melody and catchy hooks were George's trademark back in the day, where are they now? Love it or hate it you couldn't get "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" out of your head if you wanted to. Same goes for "Faith" and "Careless Whisper" and at least a dozen others.

This album has already hit number one in England(in Europe, unlike America, George and Michael Jackson are as big as they were here in the 80's) and it contains two cuts that were hits there last year(Shoot the Dog and Freeek) but it is the slow cuts where his voice shines. He is as soulful as ever. The lyrics seem heartfelt and his voice is in fine form but the music is not really that interesting. Personally, I don't see this doing that well here in the states, George seems really out of touch with the contemporary American music scene. Maybe next time he should try some neo-soul, God knows he's got the voice and Soul for it.