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Finding New Booking & Promotional Contacts
By Jay Flanzbaum,
Online Gigs

To be able to book gigs successfully all you really need is persistence and organization. Whether you are booking locally, regionally or nationally you will essentially need the same skills and tools to be effective. The first place to start is by collecting contact information for locations that hire music performers. You need as many of these locations as possible to increase your success potential and you also need as much information (phone number, styles of music, capacity, contact name etc.) about the location that you can get your hands on. Below is a list of some good places to start:

Alternative news weeklies like the Village Voice or the Boston Phoenix, can be a great source of local venue listings. Every major market in the country has an independent weekly publication and most of them can be found online, check out http://www.awn.org. Sometimes these ads alone are enough to determine whether or not your act is appropriate for the venue. You will still need to get in touch with the venue however to find out their booking policies and get the right contact name for the talent buyer.

Printed music industry directories are an incredible resource. These directories tend to list everything from venues to record companies to managers and back again, so it is easy to get overwhelmed. Make sure you pick the one that is right for you and going to help you accomplish your goals. Take a look at the Galaris Music Directory, The Indie Contact Bible or the Musicians Atlas to get a sense of what is offered.

Your peers and heroes are really the best place to find venues appropriate for your band. Ask your friends that are in bands or go out to meet bands that share similarities with your own. When asked, most will gladly share with you when the best time to reach the buyer is or how exactly to pitch your act in order to get gig. But they are always interested in telling people all of the venues they have played; donít be afraid to whip out a pen and piece of paper. The more names and numbers you can get your hands on the more possible gigs you can lock down.

Provided by Online Gigs
Republished with Permission