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 How to Get Your Demos Into the Hands of the Music Industry
by: Theresa Yarbrough

I guess this is the age old question that puzzles the mind of every aspiring Artist trying to slide a foot into the door of the music industry.

You've decided on a career in a business where luck has very little to do with your success. Your success depends on your affinity for networking as well as the ability to create opportunities for yourself.

If you're fortunate enough to live in an area with an established city or state music affiliation, then by all means, take advantage of that. If you're not aware of this valuable organization then do a websearch to locate the one nearest you. These groups routinely sponsor roundtables, panels, and workshops with members of the music industry. These meetings are usually small and not well attended so what better opportunity for you to be able to talk one on one with these industry execs and slip them your demo. (next article should be "How to Talk to the Industry About Yourself").

There are numerous conferences and showcases held across the country. These are notable watering holes for A&R and other music industry execs. Although some consider these events as nothing more than an opportunity for the music industry to take a vacation on the company's dime, the opportunity still exists for you to meet these folks and let them know you exist. Most of these events have a website. Do some research and determine which one is right for you. Save your spare change, because most of these events require a fee to participate.

Of course, the most obvious and effective way to get your demo in an A&R's hands is to obtain the services of an entertainment attorney, manager, or some other person who has solid connections within the music industry.

The opportunity to meet and get your demo in the hands of the music industry is there. Either method you choose is good and proven. You just have to rise to the occasion and grab the brass ring.