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    Randy Barrier

    Artist: Simple Life
    CD Name: "Demo CD"

    Artist Site: Simple Life

    I had a chance to listen to 3 songs from a band located in Rochester, NY called Simple Life. Must say that I really liked what I heard. The first song, 'Irrational', is my favorite. It's a nice little fun sounding tune that tells a story about painful relationships (go figure).I can hear this one on the radio right now.

    The second song 'Turn Of The Century Summer' is not bad, no worse than a b-side song on a John Mayer album, who by the way, this band sounds VERY MUCH like. The 3rd tune I listend to is entitled 'Absolutely Nothing'. It's simply a very catchy tune that I don't mind listening to over and over. Who knows? Maybe there isn't enough of this type of music in this present day culture of extremes, high technology, and families on the go. Maybe 10 years ago this band would be on the radio by now.

    Anyway, aside from maybe sounding a little too much like John Mayer, (which isnt a bad thing at all!), I definitely think this band has potential. Although their arrangements are solid, I would like to see them grow into more of their own sound. Ben Sumner (Lead guitar, backing vocals), Gary Lucas (Drums), Mike Schleier (Bass) all do a real good job of backing up lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Mike Frisina. This is band to watch for sure. I think we need more of this type of music.

    Artist: Viki Nova
    CD Name: "Catch Me If You Can!"

    Artist Site: Viki Nova

    After listening to singer/songwriter/guitarist Viki Nova's demo CD, I'm wondering why this extremely talented artist isn't signed yet! I can think of at least 4 songs that have hit potential right now. The first one, 'Nothing Changes', has a feel good, mid- to- late 90s feel to it. Think Natalie Imbrugia and Torn (remember her?). The next song, 'I'm Yours' (Catch Me If You Can) would be a good song for a label to release in October, if only because, to this reviewer it has an early fall/change of season October feel to it. Again, it's another song that makes you feel good.

    On the 3rd tune, 'Die Another Day', has that early morning hop-skip-and a jump feeling to it with its anthemic fading keyboards reminiscent of Tears For Fears or The Beatles. The vocals on that song bring visions of Gwen Stefani to this reviewer.

    The 4th tune, 'Addicted', is an extremely moving tune with deep,strong, rolling rhythm guitar that gets your blood thumping. 'Addicted' is definitely a good work out song .

    Two other stand out songs on the album are, 'Games I Play' and 'If You Didn't Need Me' with the latter rockin' you with a nice combination of power chords and double tracked voicings.

    'Too Much', 'At All Cost', 'Empty Promises' and 'Take Me' fill out the CD. Mike Stacy (guitars), Chris Mortera (Bass), and Dwayne Taylor (drums) all do a nice professional job of backing up Nova's lead singing and guitar playing.

    To summarize, I don't see how Viki Nova and band cannot have a bright future ahead of them. The demo is a good top-notch quality production. If you go for the mid to late 90's good old rock and roll with an alternative, quirky, feel - good touch to it; then Viki is it. I recommend giving her a listen, I think you'll like her.

    Bitchin' Entertainment - 1989