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Artist: The Rails
CD Name: Ghost of a Band
Artist Site: The Rails

The CD insert for Ontario groupThe Rails says that the music was made to tell a story; all the tracks were recorded and produced in the order in which they are listed, and this definitely caught my attention. I listened accordingly and, true to their word, this husband/wife team of Lou-Lou and Nick Rails, supported by Niall Mellors and Al Joe, take you through the trials and tribulations of life in a band.

The first song, “Sound Checking” is so upbeat you are immediately pulled into dance-mode, but there’s nothing worse than finding yourself on the dance floor when a song slows down, and this tends to happen in the intros and in the middle of many of The Rails’ songs. That’s cool – take a moment to refresh your drink, cool off and get back to dancing.

I love the male backup vocals in “Drummer Collapse”, the addition of the extra piano in Radio Band”, and the almost-spooky bass in “Promoter’s Tango” is a nice surprise. Lou-Lou’s voice is great – you can hear how much fun she’s having with this story-telling.

The album tends to peter out towards the end as The Rails concentrate on finishing their story rather than continue with their rhythm, so it’s time to sit the last couple songs out. But “Ghost of a Band” is a fun CD for those who love the 80’s but crave recent, new and solid music.

Artist: Innerfury
CD Name: Innerfury
Artist Site: Innerfury

Brace your neck: it's serious head-banging time. Innerfury rocks with super-fast guitar riffs that immediately grabbed my attention and rocked throughout the entire disc. This is metal at its best  with a voice reminiscent of the late Dimebag Darrel , Chad Cowan is the leader of a band that's a great team and really, what difference do lyrics make if they're somewhat unintelligible but screamed with force and perfect throatiness? To that extent, the slower portions of the songs are not their best work. Stick to screaming.

Now the drummer; this is important, because while the guitar is the wrapping, the drums are the gift to the head-banger. With no drums there is no beat and with no beat, no thrash. With that in mind, check out Brian Gallaghe's drums: they're tight... really tight!

Innerfury's self-titled CD is worth checking out at the highest volume possible. They totally rock!

Artist: Famos
CD Name: The Funkbox
Artist Site: Famos

Famos, located in Chicago, has a voice and personality that is sweet & smooth and has an awesome groove. "The Funkbox" ranges from funky to romantic, angry to sad and always has an underlying sexuality.

Popular boy bands need five singers to accomplish what Famos can do on his own. The Greener Side is an excellent spoken word piece; his heartbreak is palpable on Why Does This Have 2 Happen 2 Me -- bringing me to tears each time I hear it.

Careful, Cummin Soon might not be for your kid's ears but skip that and listen to Thank U and Without U (This Christmas) for some spiritual pieces. In fact, listen to every single song on this 18-track CD. Excellent!!

Artist:Squeaky Clean Cretins
CD Name: Of Flesh and Marrow
Artist Site: Squeaky Clean Cretins

Welcome to the world of the Squeaky Clean Cretins, young men fresh from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan boasting fresh guitars, upbeat keyboards and do I hear a little harmonica? Sometimes sweet, sometimes fun, sometimes simultaneously patriotic and political, Of Flesh, Of Marrow is smooth music to please listeners of different age groups and tastes.

I absolutely love Something Free and These States Are Gates and the tongue-in-cheek Dollar Lama.

Sadly, Squeaky Clean Cretins unexpectedly and suddenly lost their bassist, Dan Schmitt, after the release of this album. A stunning loss for a tight band of good friends, his memory is honored by the free-wheeling tunes perfect for a long drive on a 2-lane highway with the windows rolled down and the wind in your hair.

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