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Artist: Reaction
CD Name: Reaction
Artist Site: Reaction

The first thing I noticed about Reactionís self-titled CD was that the voice of the lead singer, Steve Cieslak, is nice and deep without the scratchiness that seems to be so popular lately.

The second thing I noticed is that Reactionís music is perfect for radio stations Ė clean enough lyrics for kidsí ears yet healthy guitar, drums and bass that equals good rock. Although most of the songsí words rhyme enough to be compared to a teenagerís angst-ridden poetry, all are good sing-along tunes.

Of course Iím partial to Chicago bands, but I enjoyed Reactionís music for more reasons than that. Itís regular old rock and roll with a nightclub dance edge thatís fun. ďGoiní DownĒ is a perfect example of this. And I had to laugh when I heard ďChingĒ Ė at least, all three seconds of it.

Check out Reaction and have some fun with music that covers the sounds of both the 80ís and 90ís.

Artist: Cafe Con Leche
CD Name: Progressions of Love
Artist Site: Cafe Con Leche

Sweet and seductive, Cafe Con Leche's soon-to-be released EP "Progressions of Love" is bedroom music to the max. With lyrics that are subtle yet strong, Barbie & Drea immediately exude sensuality.

The smooth tone of the music will surprise you when it swells and climaxes in "Shhhh" and again when it swings into an upbeat feeling in the English version of "All About Me" -- but the overall feeling is that of a candle-lit bedroom -- awesome.

Artist: Nicholas Alan
CD Name:
Artist Site: Busker

A first glance at the photo on the cover of his CD, Buskermight lead you to expect Nicholas Alan's music to be arrogant punk, hinted at in a slight swagger to his stance but look again and see how his eyes reflect the emotion and sensitivity he perfectly captures in each of his songs.

In a music world populated with teenage angst, it was refreshing to hear the young adult view such as in "Being 25". His voice is sweet, carrying high notes perfectly and working nicely with the guitar and other varying instruments. A breathless quality is added to "Ego Tripping at the Gates of Hell" and Nicholas carries it off perfectly.

This is great music to share with your loved one -- or the unrequited love you're pining for; it's all covered, sometimes in one song on Busker.

Artist: Saro Tribastone
CD Name: Fanusa
Artist Site: Saro Tribastone

Instantly transporting you to a different place, Saro Tribastone's Fanusa is flamenco guitar that invites you to dance. Only four melodies, each one more than 3 minutes long and stands on its own. Danza de la Luna Neuva lends the feel of a warm Mediterranean summer evening while Fanusa leads you in twirls around the dance floor. A very fresh sound, rich with emotion and rhythm, Saro Tribastone is definitely worth a listen.

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