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Artist: Chest Rockwell
CD Name: Chest Rockwell vs The World
Artist Site: Chest Rockwell

Imagine a marriage of Violent Femmes and the Moody Blues. Chest Rockwell vs. The World is a musical journey between genres. Acoustic, dreamy pieces such as Warm Towels For E flow smoothly into thrasher, head-banging music. Multi-Pass is excellent, bringing both worlds together in one song. This group works well together but has a little growing up to do, hopefully making both the lead and back-up vocals clearer.

Love the guitar work, especially in La Fin Absolue De Monde. However, too many songs try to include too many styles and the end result is somewhat confusing. It's unclear where one song ends and another begins.

My favorite piece is What Atrocities Are These. Follow Chest Rockwell and watch where they go  they're a sophomoric band that can graduate with a little work.

Artist: Gypsy Switch
CD Name: Sister Moon
Artist Site: Gypsy Switch

Listening to the CD "Sister Moon", it's no surprise Gypsy Switch's singer's name is Daphne Luster!! her soulful, smoky voice shines brightly, leading the way through an excellent lineup of melodies and songs. The intro, Sunset, at a mere 38 seconds, starts it off with a bang and the rest of the music follows suit  check out the piano solo on Get Behind Me, and the congas are a nice change to the usual Kentucky-styled music. Moonstone, an instrumental, is excellent. And I am not ashamed to admit there was a tear in my eye when listening to It's No Secret

. I'd love to see this band in concert, My car was rocking as I rode along the highway, and I bet the venue that hosts Gypsy Switch would be no different.

Artist: Michael Charles
CD Name: I'm Nobody's Fool
Artist Site: Michael Charles

Many musicians spend their time writing lyrics that separate their songs from one another, but not Michael Charles. His music is labeled as jam music, and no words could be more appropriate. The vocals are definitely secondary to the tunes, which could go on all night and not disappoint a crowd. Every instrument gets their chance to shine on his CD I'm Nobody's Fool.

Some of Michael's tunes are slower and pull you in, such as Long And Dusty Highway. But my favorites are definitely the rocking pieces, especially Addition. You can feel the connection between the musicians and their ability to draw out the music as long as they are in the mood to do so.

As Michael starts his future tour, someone should tell Australia to look out, cuz Michael Charles is comin' to town.

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